Firmware V2 for Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 HoTT Radios

This new software version includes many new features and improvements for the mz-16 and mz-32 radio, increasing the usability of your Graupner radio.  

The new Graupner GPS Map widget provides a real-time on-screen display of a model during flight. It provides a visual, real-time position location of your model, including distance, altitude, speed, Latitude/Longitude, and the number of satellites used for computation.  

We added additional widget types and expanded existing widgets functionality to enhance the use of telemetry further and increase the customization features of the mz-16 and mz-32 radio.  

Setting up a model is now more precise when using the servo balancer adjustable detail curves. Control surfaces can be adjusted over the Y and X-axis, and curve points can be added or removed to achieve optimal resolution and synchronization of control surface movements. This new functionality combined with the new mixer types will prove valuable for our sailplane pilots. 

For jet pilots that use thrust vectoring we have added a Ring Limiter which enables precise control of the thrust nozzles and also simplifies setting up jets with thrust vectoring. 

New mixer types and functions further enhance the usability of the radio system to more advanced programming capabilities than before.  

We also added the Portuguese and Czech languages increasing our language support to ten languages making the radio a truly global product.  

This release also includes numerous fixes and user-requested functions that further show our commitment to our customers and brand.

Thrust Vectoring Ring Limiter

GPS Map Widget

New Image Sizes and Widgets

Multi RX Telemetry

Power Widget

Mixer Link Types

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