We at Control Hobbies appreciate you as our customer, which we feel should be rewarded when purchasing on our website.   

That’s why with every purchase you make on our website; you will automatically receive reward points to your account, which you can redeem for cash vouchers.  

You will need an active user account so we can deposit your rewards after each purchase


Each product has a points value shown on the product page. 

For example, when purchasing a GR-24 PRO receiver, you will be rewarded with 2090 points. You will need only 2500 points to redeem a five-dollar voucher. 

Vouchers can be purchased for different dollar values and even gifted to your friends. 

There are multiple ways to earn rewards:

REGISTRATION: When registering on our website, you will be automatically rewarded with 500 reward points. 

NEWSLETTER: When you sign up for our newsletter, we will reward you with an additional 500 reward points. 

WRITING REVIEWS: For each review you write about one of our products you own or just purchased, we will reward you with 1000 points! Check out our review guidelines here.

SPECIALS: From time to time, we will also add additional reward points on certain products, which will increase your reward points very fast towards cash vouchers. 



To view your available rewards and redeem rewards, you need to login into your user account. 

On the My Rewards tab, you can view your total available rewards points.

Click on the redeem link to continue.  


Select which rewards voucher you would like to redeem. 

Each rewards voucher will show the dollar value and the number of points needed to redeem.

Click on the redeem button to continue.


If you plan to use the voucher yourself, you do not need to enter any additional information.

In case you would like to gift the voucher to someone else, you should enter all the relevant information so that the system can process it properly. 

Make sure that the email address is correct! 

On the description tab, you may find additional information and instructions. 

When ready, click on the “REDEEM THIS ITEM FOR XXX POINTS” button to continue. 

If you click on the “Add to cart” button, it will be added to your shopping card, and you will have to pay the reward voucher dollar amount.

On the order summary page click on the proceed to checkout button to continue.


Unless you have additional items in your shopping cart that need to be paid for, you can scroll down and select the “No payment necessary” option and click on “CHECK OUT”. 

You will receive an email order confirmation and in a separate email your voucher code which is valid for a period of sixty days before it expires.

You can use that voucher for any purchase on the Control Hobbies site as cash which will be deducted from your total order value.


However, suppose you decide to return the product(s) for which you earned reward points for a refund. 

In that case, we will deduct the value of the products redeemed from your refund plus any extra cost associated with the return of the product as stated in our terms and conditions. 


Rewards remain valid for one year. 

Prior to the expiration date, you will receive an email reminder from Control Hobbies so you can take proper action. 

You can always check your rewards point balance and transactions from your user account at any time.