Firmware 2.050 Released

This release brings many new features, enhancements, and fixes for the Graupner mz-16, mz-32, and mc-32ex HoTT radios.  

Usability has been further improved and expanded when designing widget screens with new color schemes, new widgets, and improved usability. 

You can now monitor the telemetry of up to four different speed controllers and turbines in real-time.  

We added an additional channel to the channel sequencer for a total of 4 sequencers. 

The GPS map widget now shows tracking on the map with the ability to clear a track or home position during a flight. 

We have also expanded and enhanced the timer menu, which will benefit those pilots who fly in competitions such as F5J or any other needs for different timer sequences and announcements for maximum flexibility. 

As with any update, ensure you back up all your models before performing this update with either the Graupner Firmware Upgrade Studio, mz-16/mz-32/mc-32ex Java Downloader or WiFi. 

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