Punkair / Skyman Paraglider Wings

Innovation, research development, and creativity make the Cefics team stand out with their new RC Paraglider wing designs. 

The new wing line-up suits pilots who have already flown RC airplanes or RC paragliders and are looking for additional excitement and performance when flying their paragliders. 

The new wings have a wingspan ranging from 2.4, 3.6, 4.2, and 6 meters in single skin and hybrid configuration. 

The CrossAlps 1.0 hybrid will suit our small Paramotors like the Easy-Punk and Pro Ultralight S, transforming them into a wild aerobatics machine yet unseen for this size and weight. 

Sir Edmund 2.2 is a single-skin wing that can be flown with our large and extra-large Paramotors for fast aerobatics and acceleration.

Variable Camber Technology, or VCT for short, is the name of the game with our new Skyman CrossAlps V2 VCT 2.8 Hybrid wing. This new technology eliminates the need for setting up brake lines, as we know, providing ultimate performance and maneuverability even under extreme stalls. 

We call it the beast, but the team at Cefics decided to call it The Rock 5.5. With a whopping wingspan of six meters, it is an excellent candidate for flying large and heavy trikes from Opale or soon to be released Trike Pete from Punkair 

We are excited about these new additions, making our company the largest retailer of RC Paraglider wings and RC Paramotors in North America. Check out the product pages for additional information and product resources.

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