4. Graupner Voltage and Current Telemetry Sensor - 3A SBEC - 6S - 60A

Graupner Voltage and Current Telemetry Sensor - 3A SBEC - 6S - 60A

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This compact HoTT telemetry sensor provides real-time information of voltage, current and used capacity in a small easy to install package. The programmable switching BEC can power your receiver between 4.5V and 8V with a continuous current of 3A.

Using your HoTT radio you can program different alarms that provide you with the state of your main battery therefore reducing the chances of crashing your battery due to an empty battery.

Installation is simple and fast. Just connect the sensor between your main battery and any ESC (with XT-60 connector) and the output wire to the telemetry port which will power the receiver and provide main battery telemetry to your HoTT radio.


  • M/F XT-60 connector up to 60A continuous
  • Short current burst up to 100A
  • Input voltage 7.4 - 22.2V (2S - 6S LiPo)
  • SBEC 4.5 - 8V / 3A adjustable via telemetry
  • Module size 35mm (with connector 71mm) x 21mm x 9mm
  • Weight 22 grams
  • Weight including connector: 22 g
  • Capacity measurement (total mAh used)
  • Current measurement
  • Voltage of main battery pack
  • JR output plug for SBEC power and telemetry output.
  • Warnings for three different voltage levels: under voltage, over voltage, max. Current and capacity


  • HoTT Voltage and Current Telemetry Sensor

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