4. UniSens-E 280A / 2 x 4mm Silicon Wire

UniSens-E 280A / 2 x 4mm Silicon Wire

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If you are looking for the most versatile telemetry module for electric powered models look not further as the UniSense-E does it all!

The UniSense-E telemetry module is not only compact and easy to setup and install, it can also measure real-time data of current, main battery voltage, power, used battery capacity, altitude, Vario of climb and sink rates, and RPM.

If your existing ESC has no telemetry capabilities you can install the UniSens-E module and get an instant overview of how your electrical system is performing straight on your compatible telemetry radio system.

The UniSens-E telemetry module is compatible with the following telemetry radio systems:

Graupner HoTT, Jet, Futaba, Spektrum, FrSky, CORE, JR and Multiplex.

Setting up the UniSens-E telemetry module can be done with either your radio or with the downloadable software where you can make all the settings, configure alarms and also update the firmware.

The UniSens-E telemetry modules support a wide range of battery connector types which are already pre-soldered. Also, you have not to worry about the battery connector being female or male as the measuring direction can be specified in the setup making it very flexible for all types of installations.


  • Real-Time data measurement of current, voltage, power, capacity, altitude, Vario, and RPM
  • Depending on the module version currents can be measured from 55A / 140A / 280A at voltages of up to 60V
  • Integrated RPM sensor for brushless motors (not on the 55A version)
  • Altitude measurement of up to 8000 meters (26000 feet)
  • Barometric sensor for accurate Vario detection of climb or sink rates
  • Optional control channel for remote activation of additional functions
  • Connection interface for the optional UniDisplay module
  • Compatible with Graupner HoTT, Jet, Futaba, Spektrum, FrSky, CORE, JR and Multiplex
  • Free downloadable software for setting up the module and alarms (can also be done from the radio).
  • Can be used in combination with the GPS Logger 3 for flight data recording on the memory card.


  • UniSens-E sensor
  • Connector cables for telemetry
  • Connector wire for RPM measurement
  • Downloadable English Manual
  • Made in Germany


The UniSens-E is preset for Graupner HoTT telemetry. Changing to your radio system is easily done using your radio and receiver over a free channel. You can also accomplish this by using the free downloadable PC software or with the UniDisplay product.

The current UniSens-E software is still in the German language. However, we have provided a very accurate English translation of the user manual that should get you started with no issues.


If you already are using a Graupner ESC you already have access to all the telemetry and do not need this type of module.

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