Firmware Release V2.007 - October 19, 2021


This release is a maintenance release which improves performance and stability of the GUI and SD Card system. It also introduces a few new features and fixes several users reported issues.

The update can be done either with the radios WiFi or by using the Graupner firmware upgrade studio.


Battery Capacity

Used battery capacity or fuel consumed can now be saved between flights or after turning the radio off.  

This comes in handy in those situations where more flights are made with a single battery pack, such as with tow planes or motorized sailplanes where there may be power left in the battery or fuel tank for additional flights. 

Used fuel or capacity will be added to the previously saved values until the data on the widget is cleared or when the “Clear Widget Data” is used to clear all data on the deck.  

You can enable or disable this function by checking the Power on Init in the Timer Set menu for the first timer. If checked, accumulated capacity data will be cleared during a new model load or radio startup. You can also clear the capacity value on the Timer One (T1) widget or by assigning a reset control to Timer One. 

To ensure fuel or capacity warnings during flight you will need to set the proper notifications. Also, make sure that you check the fuel or capacity display before each flight.

  • When a General Air Module (GAM) or Electric Air Module (EAM) is used to monitor cell voltage, the accumulated capacity will be automatically reset if the average cell voltage is >= 4.15V.
  • If you use a GAM and with a 6S battery with a voltage higher than 24.9 V, the accumulated capacity will be automatically reset.
  • If you use a EAM and a 6S battery or >=12S, the accumulated capacity will be automatically reset between 24.9 - 26.4 V or between 49.8 V - 52.8V.
  • If you use a ESC and a 6S battery or >=12S, the capacity will be automatically reset between 24.9 - 26.4 V or above 49.8 V.

Widget Names

You can now edit and rename widget names. 

Tap on the widget to bring up the edit dialog

Tap on the Edit button to bring up the keyboard

Type the new name for the widget and tap Enter



  • Improved Vario tone sound and loudness identical to a fixed equalizer. At 0.0m/s, there will be a Vario tone output, so you may need to increase your dead zone by 0.1m/s.


  • Occasionally, Vario voice announcements would stop working, which has now been resolved. 
  • Corrected the sensor switch reverse function.
  • When the USB cable is connected to the computer while the transmitter is powered, charging will resume if the voltage drops under 4.10 V again. 
  • Problem solved when taking screenshots during heavy SD card system loads.
  • Fixed the delay time in the Voice Notice menu, which caused a delay also with the first announcement, when a delay switch was used.
  • Corrected trim view and announcements for CH2 and CH4 (polarity).
  • Add voice announcements for negative trim 2 and 4 announcements in the Voice Notice Menu.
  • Corrected voice notice for timer 1-6, if no timer .wav file is selected.
  • Improve battery percentage display.
  • Improved overall system and SD card routines stability.