4. HoTT OSD Module
HoTT OSD Module
HoTT OSD Module

HoTT OSD Module

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See everything in one view! A must-have for flying FPV, the Graupner On Screen Display Module for HoTT is small and lightweight, enabling installation virtually anywhere on the model or directly on your FPV goggles/monitor.

Automatically view and display all telemetry data from modules attached to a HoTT receiver: you always know in real-time your GPS location or voltage.  In fact, all connected HoTT sensors are automatically recognized; delete unnecessary sensors by deselection with our free PC software.

Easily connect to the HoTT telemetry via the transmitter s data socket using a Y-cable to the telemetry connection of the receiver. When installed in the model the OSD AV signal is connected either in parallel to the camera s AV signal or directly to the video input of your video transmitter.

Alternatively, the OSD can also be attached to the AV input of your video glasses or Graupner FPV monitors between AV OUT and AV IN. The OSD module does not need to be present when installed between the TX and AV OUT, considerably saving space and weight on your model.

Freely change the luminosity of the font from transparent to white and the text fields can be a dark background for easier reading.  Keeping track of your data has never been so fun or as easy.


  • Operating voltage 3.3 8.4 V
  • Telemetry monitoring of: system health, altitude, capacity, main battery voltage, reception quality, number of satellites (3D or 2D fix)
  • Provides information for: artificial horizon, distance, direction, ground speed, altitude climb and descent trends
  • Pilot or model name


OSD display data is dependent on installed telemetry modules.  Some OSD functions (i.e. reception quality) can only be viewed when the OSD is connected to the radio data bus.


  • Graupner HoTT OSD Module
  • Manual


The software provided is in accordance with the license terms for Open Source.  Software changes based on the existing program code area also subject to the Open Source licensing.  Any software amendments must be shared with Graupner/SJ GmbH.

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