1. Droneball SWEEPER - White - KIT - RTF

Droneball SWEEPER - White - KIT - RTF

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Get ready for a new game in town!

Tired of wrecking your drone? Afraid of bumping into buildings, trees or your neighbor?

The Graupner DRONEBALL SWEEPER makes an end to all those fears!

The SWEEPER is a drone with the shape of a ball where propellers, battery and electronics are securely protected by a high density but very flexible frame that can withstand head to head collisions against objects or other SWEEPER drones.

The SWEEPER does not require any prior skills to fly!

The core of the SWEEPER is around a newly designed flight controller, 4in1 speed controller and powerful motors. The SWEEPER can be flown in mild or wild mode depending on your experience. It has a very wide flight envelope that will even excite the most seasoned drone and copter pilot.

The built-in telemetry warns the SWEEPER pilot prior to battery depletion or when flying out of range. As with all of Graupner’s HoTT systems, you can fly and fine tune the SWEEPER with your existing Graupner radio or use the supplied mz-8p.


DRONEBALL is the latest trend in multirotor sports with the main differentiation that it can be played both individually and as a team. The game options are endless and only limited by your imagination.

You can play DRONEBALL on a basketball field playing a one on one game where each player gets his turn to score while the other player defends the hoop, or you can have two teams playing against each other for the highest score.

The SWEEPER lends itself extremely well for playing soccer with short goals or you can make your own using plastic tubing and nets. There are many inexpensive pop-up soccer goals available online.

There is nothing more exciting as a good racing match against your opponents following a pre-set track using our highly visible gates and cubes for a game of racing. Develop your piloting skills to nail down the best time and become the champion of the day!

If you are looking for the ultimate drone for playing drone wars, the SWEEPER has the power and strength to knock any opponent out of the air! Just aim and slam the throttle for a direct hit!

Use your imagination and fly the SWEEPER indoor or outdoor for some healthy entertainment.


Graupner is taking DRONEBALL to the next level with a set of competition rules which can be implemented by SWEEPER teams or clubs.

Graupner will be sponsoring eligible DRONEBALL teams with products and prizes.


  • Expandable and programmable Flight Controller AIO HoTT
  • High performance 4in1 BLHELI 30A speed controller
  • Built in switchable LED controller
  • Powerful 2207 2000 Kv motors
  • mz-8p high power RC radio Mode 2
  • Solid modular frame for easy service and repair
  • FPV Expansion possible
  • Adjustable flight performance for beginners or experts
  • Transport backpack for SWEEPER, batteries and radio
  • Optional multi-color frames and accessories


  • SWEEPER Frame White
  • Assembled flight control frame
  • mz-8p 2.4GHz telemetry radio
  • G4 AC charger
  • SWEEPER backpack
  • LiPo battery 4S / 1600 mAh 90C with XT 60 connector
  • 6 blade propellers set
  • Quick start manual
  • Miscellaneous parts