4. LED Current Controller - 300mA

LED Current Controller - 300mA

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The LED Current Controller is a switching controller that ensures a constant current supply to all the LED lights in a model.

Worries about using the right resistor value, or voltage to protect the LED’s from burning are a thing of the past with the LED Current Controller. No resistors are needed as the LED lights are connected directly to the controller board which regulates the proper current flow to the LED’s.

The LED Current Controller can be powered from a 4V – 28V (1S – 6S) external power source or directly from the receiver.

The LED Current Controller also eliminates the need for special control boards to turn the LED lights on or off as it can connect directly to a receiver channel with digital output or existing switching module where the lights can be controlled from the radio. You can also use an external switch which further simplifies the installation and wiring of multiple LED’s in your model.

The LED Current Controller is available in five different configurations to match the LED’s used. To select the proper current controller its current rating should closely correspond to the total rated current of the LED’s in continuous operation. Of course, the cooling of the LED’s is crucial, so in case of doubt, a lower current should be chosen.


  • No need for resistors to control LED current flow (less heat generation)
  • No additional energy consumption from resistors.
  • Hardly any heating (no cooling of the electronics necessary).
  • Can use a smaller battery for the same runtime.
  • Constant LED brightness regardless of battery voltage.
  • Significantly fewer energy losses.
  • Short circuit protection at the output.
  • Easy to dimension even when changing the supply voltage.


  • LED Current Controller

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