4. MicroVario - Vario / Altimiter / Airspeed Sensor
Light at 1.8 grams, 26 x 12 x 7 mm
Light at 1.8 grams, 26 x 12 x 7 mm

MicroVario - Vario / Altimiter / Airspeed Sensor

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At only 1.8 grams, our new MicroVario is the smallest, lightest, and most capable Vario/Altimeter available on the market. 
With a built in 3-axis accelerometer, high precision, high resolution pressure sensor and an optional TEK pressure sensor the MicroVario provides the most accurate information of altitude, climb and sink rates effectively filtering out pilot generated stick thermals.
The secondary pressure sensor provides accurate altitude information even when operating with the TEK nozzle regardless of speed.
The MicroVario supports telemetry radios from Graupner, Jeti, MultiPlex, Futaba, JR DMSS, FrSky, Spektrum and CORE.


  • High resolution Vario with TEK connection
  • High accuracy measurement and detection of even the weakest lift
  • Optional TEK connection compensates for stick generated thermals
  • Altitude measurement with secondary pressure sensor
  • Automatic zero calibration at power on
  • Transmitter control of certain functions during flight via receiver channel
  • Measurement of receiver battery voltage
  • MicroVario setup can be made from radio, computer and optional UniDisplay
  • Realtime data can also be viewed from the optional UniDsiplay module
  • LED indicates selected telemetry mode


  • MicroVario Telemetry Module
  • Radio Connection Cables
  • Short silicone tube 
  • English Manual (download)
  • Made in Germany

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