5. Unilog 2 / Telemetry Data Logger

Unilog 2 / Telemetry Data Logger

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The Unilog 2 is our most advanced and most versatile telemetry module available on the market. Designed to provide real-time flight data to your radio, with all the essential information to safely fly your model it will also operate with either electric or gas-powered models.

What makes the Unilog 2 unique is that it can also record flight data on the installed SD card memory for post-flight analysis and therefore can also function as a standalone system just like an airplane black box.

The Unilog 2 works with a variety of telemetry capable radios and depending on the radio model can be configured directly from the radio and is compatible with:

Graupner, Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, FrSky, JR, CORE and Multiplex radios


 The Unilog 2 can measure the following data in real-time:

  • Voltage of main battery and receiver battery
  • Current drawn from main battery of up to 400A at 60V
  • Watts, which shows how much power the system generates
  • Capacity, will tell you how much has been used from the battery
  • RPM (electric and gas) with the optional optic, magnetic or brushless motor sensor
  • Temperature of up to three different sources ranging between -50C up to +300C
  • Single cell voltage of up to 6S battery
  • Altitude through the installed barometric sensor
  • Vario climb and sink rates
  • Barometric air pressure
  • Air Speed with the optional speed sensor
  • Limiter for F5B / F5F / F5J / F3G and F1Q competition airplanes (energy or time based)
  • Time stamped data recording between 1Hz to 20Hz recording resolution
  • GPS data recording with optional GPS-Logger
  • Post flight data analysis with Data Explorer software

 The Unilog 2 can be further expanded with a wide range of sensors to further enhance its capabilities making it a true allrounder telemetry hub for any type of RC application.


  • Unilog 2 with integrated altimeter
  • Connection wires for telemetry and receiver
  • 4Gb micro SD card
  • USB memory card reader
  • English manual (online)
  • Made in Germany

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