5. Engine Remote Kill Switch 3

Engine Remote Kill Switch 3

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The Ignition Switch 3 has been developed for switching electronic ignitions in gas engines on or off using your RC radio system. It is suitable for all gas engines that have a battery-powered ignition.

The Ignition Switch 3 is the optimal replacement for mechanical switches.

The Ignition Switch 3 is controlled by a microcontroller and has an optocoupler to separate the electrical circuits between the receiver and ignition.

The Ignition Switch 3 can be operated in parallel to the throttle servo and therefore does not need an additional receiver channel. For this purpose, the throttle channel on the Ignition Switch 3 is connected with a servo Y cable directly to the receiver.

By comparing the switching point and switching direction, you can set the ignition switch off position when the throttle trim is decreased while idling or by switching the throttle channel with an additional mixer.

The circuit has various fail-safe options which ensure that the ignition is safely switched off in emergencies. For example, the ignition is switched off if no valid receiver signal has been received for three seconds.

If the ignition is switched off, the Ignition Switch 3 does not draw any current from the ignition battery. The plug connection to the ignition battery only needs to be disconnected for charging.

The ignition battery can remain connected to the ignition switch 3 during charging if it is charged via a separate charging cable.


  • No wear or tear common in mechanical switches.
  • Easy and safe switching of motor on and off using your RC radio system.
  • Increased safety using the fail-safe function of the RC Radio where in the event of transmission failures the engine is safely switched off and no longer pose a hazard.
  • The Ignition Switch 3 can also be used for switching and operating other modules such as lights and relays.


  • Ignition Switch 3
  • External LED Indicator
  • XT30 Connection for main battery
  • Online English Manual
  • Made in Germany

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