1. Wireless Charging Module for Polaron EX, EX1400, PRO

Wireless Charging Module for Polaron EX, EX1400, PRO

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Control your Polaron EX, Polaron EX1400, or Polaron PRO using the Graupner wireless LAN module with your Smartphone or Tablet.

All functions such as charging, storage, and battery profile can be easily set using your mobile device after establishing a connection.

Battery profiles can be attached to barcodes or created using the downloadable QR-Code generator. Simply scan your battery, confirm charging and your batteries will automatically charge.

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  • Works with Polaron EX, Polaron EX1400, Polaron PRO chargers
  • Available Charger Link App from Apple and Google store.
  • Free QR-Code Generator
  • Easy to setup (Requires firmware v2.100 or later)


  • WLAN Module