4. Graupner AIO Multirotor Flight Controller - Telemetry - LED - Sweeper

Graupner AIO Multirotor Flight Controller - Telemetry - LED - Sweeper

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The Graupner AIO (All in One) multirotor flight controller is a fully integrated HoTT telemetry receiver in a small and compact package

Inside is a powerful ICM-20608 gyro which is combined with an ultra-sensitive HoTT receiver for better range when flying FPV.

The built-in telemetry provides real-time information on signal quality and voltage and when combined with our 4 in 1 ESC you can also receiver telemetry for current and battery capacity consumed on your Graupner radio.

The Graupner AIO flight controller is also ready for use with the optional GPS module P/N33602 which has an integrated magnetometer and barometer which extends the versatility of the flight controller. When used with GPS functions such as Autopilot, Coming Home, waypoint flying with speed control and location hold are all possible with the Graupner AIO flight controller.

All these functions can be controlled with the free Graupner HoTT Viewer App for Android or with the optional iMSB App and Bluetooth module for iPhone or iPad.

The Graupner AIO flight controller also provides the ability to control multi-color LED lights from you radio.


  • Compact board design 30.5 x 30.5 mm
  • Highly sensitive receiver for FPV
  • Built-in telemetry for signal strength, temperature and voltage
  • Optional 4 in 1 ESC modules for current and battery capacity (P/N S3087, S3088)
  • Optional GPS (P/N 33602) for Autopilot functions with Android or iPhone or iPad with iMSB App
  • Support for Smartaudio to control FPV channel and FPV TX output power
  • SBUS receivers can be used as optional receivers (will not work with GPS)
  • Operates on 12V and is compatible with the Graupner Sweeper Droneball
  • Improved Racestart control


  • Graupner AIO Flight Controller
  • Small Parts

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