5. Graupner mz-12 PRO 12 Channel Telemetry Radio System
Graupner mz-12 PRO 12 Channel Telemetry Radio System
Graupner mz-12 PRO 12 Channel Telemetry Radio System

Graupner mz-12 PRO 12 Channel Telemetry Radio System

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The Graupner mz-12 PRO is raising the bar for any radio in its price range. With 12 channels, 250 model memories, 5 model types, real-time voice telemetry, user announcements and 1500 mAh LiPo battery the mz-12 PRO is setting a new standard in value and performance!

The mz-12 PRO is engineered and manufactured in Germany and South Korea.


Holding the mz-12 PRO gives an instant locked feeling to the pilot. FPV and hand launch sailplane pilots will appreciate the design of the mz-12 PRO which provides better grip and accessibility to switches and controls. The included 1500mAh LiPo battery can be easily charged with the included micro USB cable.

The mz-12 PRO micro USB port can be used for charging, software updates and for use as a joystick controller with supported games such as flight simulators. Now you can use the same model indoors for training purposes and outdoors to show off your new skills!

Updating the mz-12 PRO with new software, user made voice notifications or user models is done with the free firmware update studio providing the user with additional flexibility and increased value.


No need for storing models on SD cards or computers. With 250 model memories the mz-12 PRO provides you with almost unlimited storage for all your models. Moving models between your mz-12 PRO and computer is done with the firmware update studio where users can also share their models between their mz-12 PRO radio.


Real-time telemetry is already integrated in the mz-12 PRO and does not require any additional hardware for functions such as signal quality, temperature, or receiver voltage. 

Graupner provides a wide selection of telemetry ESCs, modules and sensors that can immediately connect to any of our HoTT receivers and flight controllers without the need for external hub boxes or complex wiring.

Add situational awareness and extra safety by easily assigning switches to telemetry functions and notifications to provide information about battery voltage, battery capacity, altitude, flight direction, speed, etc. The real-time, bi-directional HoTT transmission protocol will constantly monitor system health and notify you of any changes to the system. No more surprise situations such as sudden battery depletion or accidentally flying out-of-range!


Configure any switch or control on the mz-12 PRO with a wide selection of voice announcements and alerts. Set up countless announcement combination options based on your needs and model conditions with flight-dependent voice triggers. Record your own voice messages to customize your experience by downloading the free Graupner Firmware Update Studio Program!

The built-in speaker provides a loud and clear adjustable volume for all the radio notifications. Subsequently user can also use a headset for hearing notifications.


The mz-12 PRO is empowering multirotor pilots with features such as CROSSFIRE V2, race timers, telemetry and more. Graupner has a wide selection of flight controllers/receivers that can be used as multirotor flight controller supporting a variety of ESC modes and multirotor configurations.


Need to reverse your motor direction, setup your receiver of flight controller or make telemetry settings? With the mz-12 PRO radio all these tasks can be easily done using the radio without the need for cables, computers or programming boxes! Just make all your settings changes on the fly at your shop or at the field!


Airplanes, helicopters, multirotors, boats, cars... the mz-12 PRO supports all model types! Setting up a helicopter or full house glider is easily done by simply selecting the right model type. For example, in airplane mode you can select from 4 tail types 5 wing types, 2 flight modes, 9 free mixers and 8 wing mixers.

Each switch and control can be freely assigned to any channel based on preferences giving you the ultimate freedom to setup your model.


  • 12 radio channels and 250 model memories
  • Quad bearings gimbals for smooth operation
  • Integrated long range antenna
  • NDAA Compliant
  • Microcomputer radio 2.4 GHz radio utilizing Graupner HoTT technology
  • Use of up to 75 frequency-hopping channels to ensure operating reliability
  • Removeable 1500mAh LiPo rechargeable battery
  • Battery charging indicator when charged with included USB cable
  • Bidirectional communication between transmitter and receiver
  • Fast 10ms frame rates when used with digital servos
  • Wireless or wired Teacher/Student link (buddy boxing)
  • Micro USB Joystick function for flight simulator training
  • Model types: Airplane, Helicopter, Multirotor, Boat and Car
  • Supports 5 different languages ??(German, English, French, Italian and Spanish)
  • Model memories can be stored and retrieved from computer
  • Intuitive operation and programming
  • HoTTSync for exclusive and safe model operation 
  • Airplane Wing Types: 1AI, 1AI-1FL, 2AI, 2AI-1FL, 2AI-2FL
  • All switches and controls are user assignable
  • Radio Switches: 2 x 3-position switches, 1 x 2 position spring loaded switch, 2 x 2 position switch, 1 analog rotary knob
  • Mode 1 to 4 freely selectable
  • Key-lock function against unintended operation.
  • 2 programmable flight phases
  • Helicopter Swash plate limiter
  • Dual Rate and Expo individually adjustable and switchable during the flight
  • Wing mixers (aileron/flaps differential), (aileron rudder/flaps mixer), (elevator flap/aileron mixer), (flap elevator/aileron mixer)
  • Multi point throttle curve in all model modes
  • Free assignable mixers functions (5 linear mixers and 4 curve mixers)
  • Programmable fail-safe function "Hold" or "Move to preset positions" can be set separately for each individual servo channel
  • Stopwatches / Countdown timer with alarm function
  • Model copy function for model memory
  • Supported data formats on the DSC port: Telemetry, Bluetooth, CROSSFIRE V2 unidirectional


  • mz-12 PRO 12 channel radio (red)
  • 1500 mAh LiPo battery 5.55 Wh
  • Micro USB cable
  • Quick start manual part 1
  • Made in South Korea

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