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RC Paraglider The Rock 5.5 Hybrid

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With a wingspan of 6 meters, this paraglider is almost considered a "normal-sized" wing.

Here are a few basic facts:
  • 6.5 meters (22 feet) wingspan
  • 5.5 square meter (59 feet) wing area
  • 131 meters (430 feet) total line length on 102 lines.
  • The height of the model over 4 meters (13 feet)
  • Over 15 square meters (162 feet) of fabric used
  • Almost 650 parts - not counting sewing thread ;-)
In other words, The Rock 5.5 is a huge paraglider!

The development of the wing goes back to 2018. Initial prototypes already showed the performance advantage over anything we have ever seen. The flight characteristics were also very promising. Yet further fine-tuning over the years has revealed the full potential of the glider, resulting in a wing that sets new standards in all areas!

The Rock 5.5 impresses from the very first minute. With this paraglider, we also rely on our already legendary design and construction methods so that from the very first take-off, which can, of course, be done in a completely relaxed manner from the ground with, for example, "Piet Trike," you get the feeling that you can directly use the full potential of the paraglider.

However, the wing does not lull the pilot into a false sense of security; on the contrary, the balanced and good-natured flight characteristics contribute significantly to the increased performance, allowing the pilot to fly better across the entire flight envelope of the Rock 5.5.

Due to its size, the extreme nominal performance is available over the entire extended speed range, which leads to the fact that the wing is usable in almost any weather, retaining the unique characteristics of the Rock 5.5.

Of course, like all our paragliders, the Rock 5.5 is not averse to aerobatics and can be flown dynamically due to the good-naturedness that The Rock 5.5 brings. The Rock 5.5 paraglider cannot be disturbed in either scale, like flight or aerobatics, due to its good-natured and calm flight performance, making it as true as a rock in the wind.

The Rock 5.5 is by far our largest paraglider to date, which can be easily packed to small travel-sized dimensions, easily fitting even in a car fully loaded with holiday luggage.

The Rock 5.5, BIG wing, BIG performance, BIG fun

  • Special large-scale risers
  • Very wide speed ranges
  • Outstanding speed bar performance
  • Balanced flight performance
  • Safe and easy ground takeoff
  • Ultimate performance and stability
  • Large weight range
  • Three liner
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to transport
  • Wingspan: 6.5m
  • Surface Area: 5.5m²
  • Aspect ratio: 6.5
  • Cells: 36 (10 Single Skin)
  • Wight range: 8-15kg
  • Fabric: Skyman D10
  • Lines: Aramid
  • Wing The Rock 5.5 Hybrid
  • Wing bag
  • Risers
  • Made in Germany
  • Extra Large Flight System
  • Power System
  • 6CH Radio System
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