When selecting a wing, finding one that matches your specific needs and experience level is crucial. Rest assured, all our wings undergo thorough testing and are categorized based on their capabilities and performance levels. For a quick overview, look for the wing's qualification graphics on the wing page or click on the image below.


For example, a good setup would be Sir Edmund 2.5 if you are a beginner. If you already have some experience, you may consider The Chinook 2.8 for your first Hybrid. Alternatively, you can also consider our smaller paragliders like the Pro Ultralight S with wing BEO which also makes a good beginner entry. 

Note that each Paramotor model has a range of recommended wings related to the weight of the Paramotor listed on the product page.



Choosing the appropriate components for your power drive is as important as selecting a high-quality wing. In normal and cruise flights, a paraglider requires minimal power. However, the motor is more strained during aerobatic maneuvers or climbs. Therefore, allowing some extra power capacity to accommodate such situations is important.

Since paragliders can stay airborne for extended periods, opting for a larger battery can be beneficial. Not only will it provide longer flight times, but it will also serve as effective ballast in windy conditions. For instance, a 4S 5000mAh LiPo battery on our L and XL Paramotors provides between thirty and forty-five minutes or longer flights. 

If you've been involved in the hobby for some time, you might already possess certain components. Feel free to review the specifications of the power products we offer, allowing you to ensure compatibility with your existing equipment. 

In addition, we offer meticulously tested power pack bundles that you might find advantageous to consider. These bundles provide a comprehensive solution, ensuring optimal performance and compatibility.



Paragliders offer an exhilarating experience, made possible with the convenience of a simple four or six-channel radio system. The radio needs programming mixing functions that seamlessly control the pilot's arms and other control functions, such as a speed bar or lights for night flying. Almost any radio brand can be used for flying a remote-controlled paraglider. 

At Control Hobbies, we go the extra mile to provide comprehensive resources for paraglider enthusiasts. On our dedicated paraglider resource pages, you'll discover pre-programmed model memories tailored to various radio brands, ensuring compatibility and ease of use with our paragliders. 

To meet your needs, we stock a range of top-quality radios from Graupner, a renowned German brand. We recommend the Graupner mz-12PRO Telemetry radio, equipped with a six-channel receiver, for beginners. Its intuitive design and reliable performance make it an ideal choice for newcomers. 

Furthermore, we offer an assortment of servos meticulously chosen to meet the specific requirements of paragliders. Our selection includes durable metal gear servos with a torque of 40 kg for our larger paragliders required for steering arms servos.