1. Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL Helicopter - KIT

Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 FBL Helicopter - KIT

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If you are ready for exploring the fascinating world of RC helicopters the Thunder Tiger Raptor E550 will be the helicopter to pick. The Raptor 550 is a flybarless helicopter that will please both beginner and advanced helicopter pilots. The Raptor E550 FBL outdoes every other comparable heli for performance and value! This version comes as a kit with a new fuselage design allowing you decide for the type of hardware to use. Checkout the option page for competitive and performance hardware bundled packages.

Due to the precise rotor-head and the aluminum swashplate, the E550 ARF flies very precise enabling the pilot to grow as he learns new skills and progresses to scale flight or extreme 3D flight. The rotor head is machined from solid aluminum and the chassis is made of carbon fiber, aluminum and injection-molded parts. The belt-driven tail boom is made from aluminum.

The Raptor E550 can be easily put together with only basic tools and completed in only a few hours.

All you need is your own six channel radio, 6S 5000mAh LiPo and a flybarless flight controller such as the Graupner Falcon 12 or GR-18 Vario Receiver / Flybarless flight controller.


  • FBL Metal Rotor Head & Grip
  • 140 Degree Aluminum Swash Plate
  • Painted Canopy and Tail Skid
  • Lightweight Carbon Frame


  • Raptor 550 FBL KIT Helicopter
  • Detailed construction manual


  • Radio 6CH or more
  • Flybarless flight controller
  • 6S LiPo 4000-5000 mAh
  • Servos for tail and swash
  • Speed controller

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