4. Smart Glow Plugs Booster

Smart Glow Plugs Booster

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Precisely regulated current ensures the optimum ignition temperature and low power consumption with the Graupner Smart Glow Plugs Booster, as well as a steady idle and smooth transition from idle to full throttle.  The power supplied to the glow plug(s) increases gradually as the throttle stick is pulled back further, reducing glow plug failure and aids in smooth transitions from idle to power.  The Smart Glow Plugs Booster energizes the glow plug(s) during startup, eliminating the need to carry a separate 1.2 to 2.0 V supply and glow plug connector.  This also creates the added benefit of eliminating the need to drill holes in the models cowling for glow plug access.

For a single-cylinder engine, the Smart Glow Plugs Booster requires a 2.4volt (2 cells) battery. (Capacity of the cells used in the battery should correspond to the model being used.)  The typical current drain from the battery is around 1.0Amp, depending on the type of glowing used.


  • Smart Glow Plugs Booster

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