6. Para-RC Paramotor Pod PunkRock XL

Para-RC Reclining Harness PunkRock XL - Red

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Our PunkRock XL pod harness is one of the most versatile RC Paramotor flight systems on the market. 

With its wide range of usable battery sizes, the possibility of adjusting the paraglider to weather or environment is close to limitless.

The take-off weight can be adjusted between 2kg and 3kg, nearly covering the full line of paragliders available from Cefics and other brands. Two optionally available ballast sets widen the range even further. With our recommended power drive with a folding propellor, you can be assured of an optimal scale-looking flight system that flies well and looks great in the sky!

The design of the PunkRock XL Paramotor was adapted from existing modern high-performance pod harnesses used in manned paragliding. While this has been our driving objective in achieving scale looks and performance, many features were added to improve things.

For example, battery access is simple, allowing battery changes in seconds, and the compartment for the optionally available ballast set is equally easy to access.

General handling when launching at the flying field is easy thanks to the built-in recessed grips and the unprecedented ease with which the PunkRock XL can be launched.

The PunkRock XL shines in the air with its very stable, minimal drag and optimized aerodynamics. Due to the clever weight distribution, there is hardly any pendulum motion, making the system a joy to look at during the flight.

PunkRock XL Pod Harness is the system for pilots looking for an affordable, long-lasting, robust, versatile, high-performance, and good-looking scale flight system that fits nearly all available paraglider wings.

Our paramotor bundles eliminate the guesswork for matching and configuring your flight system. This ensures a hassle-free experience once your paraglider arrives. To provide additional value, we offer our bundles at a discounted price, allowing you to save some money as well. If you require more information about the components included in the bundle, refer to the "Related Products" list below. Here, you will find the included items and some product recommendations to enhance your RC Paramotor bundle further.

In case you need a wing and power system, or if you don't have an RC radio, don't worry. Our website has everything you need for paragliding.

Follow our three-step configuration assistant HERE

Additionally, if you're pressed for time, we offer a convenient service where we can build it for you.

For this paramotor, we have tested and selected the following wings that are a perfect match:

For example, a good setup would be Sir Edmund 2.5 if you are a beginner. If you already have some experience, you may consider The Chinook 2.8 for your first Hybrid. Alternatively, you can also consider our smaller paramotors like Emotion L or Pro Ultralight S with wing BEO which also makes a good beginner entry.

  • Scale pod harness with foldable propeller pusher power drive
  • Easy to start thanks to built-in recessed hand grips
  • Efficient and quit power drive
  • Optimized design for power drive cooling
  • Adaptable to various weather conditions 
  • Optimal design to accepts a wide range of paraglider wings
  • Accepts a wide range of battery sizes (2-3Kg)
  • Easy and convenient battery access
  • Optionally available ballast system
  • Lightweight and sturdy design
  • East to assemble
  • Made in Germany
  • GRP pod frame and motor mount
  • Pilot bust XL with scale head
  • Pilot flight jacket
  • Harness with cooling and padding
  • Screws and accessories
  • Paraglider Hang Bar Standard
  • Paraglider Wing L/XL
  • Power System
  • 4 – 6 Channel Radio
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