Discover the world of lightweight paragliders and innovation with Skyman, the leading brand in full-scale paragliding. Renowned for their exceptional craftsmanship and cutting-edge technology, Skyman offers the lightest paragliders and equipment in their class. 

Drawing on their expertise, we proudly present RC paragliders crafted from the same exclusive D10 paraglider light fabric and constructed with meticulous finesse by skilled seamstresses. Our Skyman gliders are not mere scale models - they are authentic Skyman gliders that resemble the originals and replicate their flight performance. 

These gliders are more than just RC paragliders; they are genuine sports equipment that enables pilots to soar in flight conditions where others are grounded. Thanks to our hybrid construction, our gliders deliver outstanding performance with exceptional collapse resistance, seamless reopening behavior, adequate base speed, dynamic maneuverability, and an accelerator system that lives up to its name. 

Experience the unparalleled capabilities of our Skyman RC paragliders firsthand. Test us now and witness the extraordinary performance for yourself. 

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