iMSB Advanced Telemetry Applications


Add value to your Graupner radio with our Apple based App for advanced telemetry display and analysis 

iMSB is a suite of advanced telemetry data display and logging applications running under iPhone, iPad and iPod touch devices. They are targeted to 2.4 GHz telemetry enabled RC transmitter systems from Graupner, Multiplex® and FrSky. It integrates a wide range of telemetry sensors available on the market.

iMSB offers a state of the art addition for built in and external telemetry displays adding a whole new range of advanced features taking telemetry analysis and flight tracking beyond the possibilities of current radio system.

Real-time flight data is displayed in an easily readable format utilizing customizable graphical views in digital or analog format on a mobile device. iMSB applications are fully customizable to accommodate the specific needs for real-time data recording and presentation.

iMSB not only displays real-time flight data but is also able to record and save flight sessions for later playback and analysis. It can be configured to alert when critical values are reached and provides valuable statistical flight data.

iMSB enhances flight line safety by monitoring airplane position and altitude to ensure field boundaries are not being crossed therefore promoting field compliancy and safety to pilots and the public.

iMSB can also be used by spotters or callers during training, FPV flights and long-range drone operations where critical flight data and model location can be monitored for safety.

When used during single pilot operation, iMSB allows the pilot to issues voice commands to request important information which will be promptly announced over the mobile device.

The iMSB hardware supports any Graupner HoTT radio with a telemetry data port.


Bob Storck

Date 12/23/2020

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Date 12/23/2020

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