4. Hobbywing ESC - 20A V5 - Paraglider XS

Hobbywing ESC - 20A V5 - Paraglider XS

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ESC which features a high-performance 32-bit ARM M4 microprocessor (with a running frequency of up to 72MHz) is compatible with various brushless motors.
Microprocessor powered by a separate DC regulator has better anti-interference performance reducing the possibility of control loss. DEO (Driving Efficiency Optimization) Technology greatly improves throttle response & driving efficiency and reduces ESC temperature.
Built-in high-power BEC with output voltage adjustable among 5.2V, 6.0V and 7.4V. The BEC module is separate from other circuits on the ESC, so the normal BEC output can be guaranteed (when issue like burnt power board happens) to allow users to get the aircraft back before crash (Note: the FLYFUN 20A/30A Mini 110A/130A/160A-HV-OPTO-V5 doesn’t have this function.)
Normal/Soft/Very Soft start-up modes are compatible with regular propeller airplanes and EDF jet airplanes (pls ensure to select the “Very Soft Start-up” mode when using EDF jet airplanes). Separate programming cable for connecting ESC to a LED program box and allows users to program the ESC anytime, anywhere. (For detailed info, please refer to the user manual of the HOBBYWING LED program box.)
Normal/proportional/reverse brake modes (esp. reverse brake mode) can effectively shorten the landing distance for the aircraft. (Note: the FLYFUN 130A/160A-HV-OPTO-V5 doesn't have this function.) Multiple protection features like start-up, ESC thermal, capacitor thermal, over-current, over-load, abnormal input voltage, and throttle signal loss effectively prolong the service.


  • FLYFUN V5 ESC (20A) SKU:30202308
  • Cont./Peak Current :20A/30A BEC: Switch Mode: 5.2V, 2.5A/4A Input: 2-4s LiPos
  • Size (mm):25x15x5mm Weight (g):13g

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