Starting with software release version 2.022 you can add background images to the radio widgets. 

This enables you to customize screen designs to further personalize your mz-16 and mz-32 Graupner radio. 


This release includes sample widgets to get you started. 

To have the new background images widgets installed, you need to select the include resources checkbox on the firmware upgrade studio and when prompted, check the image box to download all image resources.

If you need help with updating your radio, you can consult the mz-16 and mz-32 support page here:

Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 product support resources.

Make sure you complete the software update first before trying to use the new widget image features.


Assigning an image to a widget requires a few steps.

Add a widget or use an existing one. In this example we will use the RX.Voltage widget.

Tap on the widget and hold to bring up the widget dialog and tap on edit to bring up the keyboard.

You can rename the widget name or if you want to load an image, just type any character and tap on enter.

Now you can load the background image. Tap on the widget and hold and then tap on edit to bring up the file manager.

Depending on the widget size, you will be presented with all the available images which in this case is a 2X2 widget size.

Select the background image you would like to use and tap on the “X to clear any previous selection and the checkmark to select the current selection.

Tap on the exit icon to get back to the widget deck

Your widget has now a new background.

The steps previously described are the same for any widget size. 

Note that menu shortcut widgets cannot be renamed and can only have a different background.

If you want to rename the image background, you will need to rename the file name for it show with a new widget name on your deck.

You can make your own widgets using any paint program such as Microsoft paint, Paint 3D or Paintbrush on macOS. 

The required image dimensions and types are as follows:


Below you will find the templates used for creating the widget themes that can be downloaded from this page. The templates are in Adobe Illustrator format using multiple layers and artboards.

You can use other graphics programs such as Corel Draw and Inkscape (free) to import the Illustrator file and make your own edits or add new layers with your own design.

Each artboard has been named according to the widget it represents. For example, the “ESC Capacity” bitmap will show as “ESC Capacity” on your radio screen. If you want to change the widget name, you can do so by renaming the image file name. 

For example, renaming the image from "ESC Capacity" to "Capacity" will change what is displayed on the screen.

1X1 - 78 x 52px Widget Adobe Illustrator widgets template with multiple layers and artboards 78 x 52 pixels.
2X1 - 158 x 52px Widget
Adobe Illustrator widgets template with multiple layers and artboards 158 x 52 pixels.
2X2 - 158 x 106px Widget
Adobe Illustrator widgets template with multiple layers and artboards 158 x 106 pixels.
6X4 - 480 x 214px Widget
Adobe Illustrator widgets template with multiple layers and artboards 480 x 214 pixels.


Below you can download ready-made widgets. Each widget theme contains all the possible file names for system and telemetry widgets. 

After installation, you can rename or delete the images you do not need. 

The download file is a ZIP executable that you either extract to a temporary folder on your computer or have it extract directly on your radio SD card. 

The radio has to be in mass storage mode, and you will have to extract the files to the root of the SD card.

You can check out the different widget layouts by downloading and installing the sample model to get a better feel as to how each theme will look on your radio.


Theme 1 - Brown

Language: English

Theme 2 - Black

Language: English

Theme 3 - Green

Language: English

Theme 4 - Orange

Language: English

Theme 5 - Grey

Language: English

Theme 6 - Red

Language: English

Theme 7 - Light Grey

Language: English

Theme 8 - White

Language: English

Theme 9 - Blue

Language: English

Theme 10 - Yellow

Language: English

Theme 11 - Dark Blue

Language: English

Theme 12 - Dark Grey

Language: English