5. Graupner mz-32 - 32 Channel Telemetry Radio System V2 - Carbon - NDAA

Graupner mz-32 - 32 Channel Telemetry Radio System V2 - Carbon - NDAA

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The Graupner mz-32 HoTT V2 radio is a powerful 2.4GHz radio system with 32 proportional channels and 64 digital switching channels. It is developed and engineered in Germany and South Korea and is NDAA compliant for mission-critical UAV and UAS applications.

The mz-32 V2 sets a new standard for pilots who demand reliability, quality, and flexibility to meet their specific needs for a safe and worry-free user experience. The mz-32 V2 has been designed from the ground up with the user in mind.

The contoured rubber handgrips result in a connected and stable feel when holding the radio. At the same time, the high 4096 resolution machined hall sensor gimbals and redundant RF system provide the pilot with the confidence needed to control his model. 

The mz-32 V2 radio is taking flexibility several steps forward. It has a total of 22 mechanical switches, proportional controls, and digital switches that provide the ultimate flexibility when setting up your models. It also has 64 digital switches accessed from the widget decks to perform additional control functions such as controlling light or starting an engine.

The mz-32 V2 widgets system lets you design your radio menus from a selection of dozens of telemetry data and control elements to configure and personalize your radio. Each control can be freely configured and assigned to suit your preferences and needs. At the same time, the outdoor-friendly 4.3-inch state-of-the-art TFT color touchscreen provides convenient access to all the radios functions.

Such a high access level to customizations and personalization features makes transitioning from other radio systems simple and easy.


When it comes to safety and situational awareness, the mz-32 V2 is your co-pilot from takeoff till landing., The Graupner HoTT telemetry system continuously monitors your flight and will notify you of any anomaly that requires your attention. With over a hundred different telemetry data parameters being monitored and evaluated, the radio can even provide predictive trend information if needed. 

In case of an unplanned off-field landing, the map on the radio will assist with locating the model. It can even take control in an imminent crash or when flown out of range using telemetry sensor switches to activate rescue, flight leveling functions, or return to home control. The GPS moving map shows you the present location of your model, where it is heading, and how far away it is from your current position.

The HoTT RF system has been renowned for its reliability, stability, and long-range operation. It is used by tens of thousands of pilots and businesses worldwide, providing you with the same peace of mind when flying your valuable models.

Choosing a Graupner radio system is simple as there is no need to select different RF protocols or optional modules at an added expense. The HoTT protocol is a single, unified protocol that will seamlessly operate all of your Graupner and third-party HoTT enabled products.

Welcome to Graupner, where we have been innovating since 1930. 


The mz-32 V2 radio provides a structured programming approach that makes setting up your model fast and easy. Each menu offers access to a wide range of options for setting up your model. They are grouped by function and action and are easy to find and access. The mz-32 V2 has many ready-made mixers for a wing, tail, and elevator control which can be set globally or independently for each phase making setting up a new model easy and fast. Each menu system will automatically adapt to the type of model selected, showing all available functions for that model type.

Base Menu
Model Type and Wing Type Configuration
Function Menu
Wing Mixers and Wing Settings
Special Menu
RF Status Menu
System Menu
User System Settings


Computers, wires, and programming boxes are a thing of the past with the Graupner bi-directional HoTT protocol. The mz-32 V2 lets you do everything right on the radio. You can program your receiver, flight controllers, or any HoTT device conveniently using the radio touch screen at home or at the field. Many third-party products support the Graupner HoTT protocol and have fully implemented the power of HoTT (Hopping Telemetry Transmission).

Helicopter Flight Controller Setup
The mz-16 V2 Supports many FBL brands
Airplane Flight Controller Setup
Graupner has a wide range of airplane gyro controller
Speed Controller Setup
Graupner speed controller available 2S-12S / 18A-160A
Multirotor Controller Setup
Graupner drone controllers for FPV and autonomous flight


The customization and personalization capabilities the mz-32 V2 provides are unmatched by any other radios system. Using the easy tap and place widget system, you can freely design your screens and menus that fit your personal needs. Each model can have its customized set of screens (up to six) made from over a hundred different widgets. You can have a dedicated group of screens for a sailplane, gas or electric-powered airplanes, or you can have a GPS moving map display during flight. More important, no programming is needed!

Main Menu Widgets
You can design your screens (up to 6) in any way you like
Image Widget
Support for three static or model link image sizes
Digital Screen Switches
The mz-32 V2 has an additional 64 digital switches
GPS Map Widgets
Displays model moving over map


With the mz-32 V2 radio, you are in control! With hundreds of ready-made voice announcements already installed, the mz-32 V2 radio provides the flexibility to assign any switch or control to any voice. Voice alerts will automatically inform you of any pending situation that requires your attention, like when flying out of range, battery capacity, low voltage, or when you forget to lower your landing gear which the mz-32 V2 can automatically lower for you.

User Telemetry Notices
You can select from over hundred telemetry notifications
User Sensor Notices
You can select from over hundred telemetry notifications
Voice Control Notices
Select from hundreds of ready, freely assignable voices
Voice Telemetry Notices
Assign controls to telemetry data


The mz-32 V2 can monitor over a hundred telemetry values in real-time and provide timely notifications of any data during flight. Notifications can be voice alerts on the screen or tablet and smartphone, which helps your spotter and co-pilot keep an eye on things. You can even have the radio convert telemetry values to switching functions which can automate radio functions based on pre-set telemetry values. Graupner has many telemetry-capable products to choose from and has a more comprehensive compatible selection available from other RC vendors.

ESC Widgets
GPS WidgetsVario MenuCell Voltage Widgets


The mz-32 V2 makes connecting to other products and devices simple. The built-in WiFi will automatically update your radio when new software becomes available. The wireless or wired trainer functions make teaching and buddy boxing a breeze. The micro-USB port is used for charging and accessing the 16Gb SD card and can also be used as a Joystick port for RC flight simulators and even Microsoft Flight Simulator to control and fly the models you like. If you fly FPV, the trainer port will accommodate headset tracking.

WiFi Setup MenuI/O Setup Menu
Setup DSC or digital outputs (CROSSFIRE, Spektrum)
USB Menu
Charge, SD Card Access, Flight Simulator Control
Wireless Trainer Menu


The mz-32 V2 provides many advanced functions that make owning this radio more valuable. It has built-in channel sequencers for landing gear and landing doors and mixer controls for snap rolls. The sensor switch provides telemetry-based switching functions that can automate certain flight functions. For example, it can provide input to a flight controller when flying too low and automatically activate a rescue function or return to home of a drone when a certain distance is exceeded. The direct adjust function enables on-the-fly fine-tuning of any mixes during flight for ultimate fine-tuning of your airplane.

Channel SequencerSnap Roll MixersTelemetry Sensor SwitchesIn Flight Control Adjustments



At Graupner, we believe in providing industry partners access to our HoTT technology to ensure optimal functionality and compatibility with their products. Graupner products will seamlessly connect to many products such as flight controllers, power boxes, power extenders, sound systems, and more. Graupner also enables serial communications with other products using the SBUS or SUMD protocol integrated inside our receivers. The mz-32 V2 radio also provides Cross-Fire and Spektrum module support for alternative RF systems.


  • mz-32 Transmitter V2
  • USB Charging Cable
  • USB Charger 110 ~ 240V
  • USB Update Adapter
  • LiPo Battery 9000mAh
  • Radio Hard Case
  • Neck Strap
  • Neck Strap Balancer
  • Manual Part One
  • Developed and made in Germany and Korea


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