Graupner mz-16 & mz-32 Firmware 2.034 Release

This new software release brings many new features and improvements requested by our customers.  

We listened, and we delivered! 

A few notable highlights are the addition of eight more operators for logical switches, which can be operated in linear or digital mode providing effectively twenty-four different logical switch combinations. 

We have simplified and enhanced our widget system further by enabling easier and faster customizations for the over a hundred widget types available. 

We have enhanced the use of timers allowing nested and switching timers and throttle position-dependent timers to better match flight time with actual motor time. 

The list of enhancements and improvements is impressive for this release, and of course, we knocked out a few bugs to keep everything clean and tidy. 

If you are already current with the prior software release v2.024, you can get this release by using the WiFi connection on your radio. 

Get this latest software installed and prepare for the coming flying season and make sure that you are on our mailing list as we will have future announcements for new products.


  • Model List: Modified text labels and graphics in the model list menu. 
  • Vario: Vario tone now stops when at the dead zone. 
  • Widgets: Increased the number of 1x1 widgets that can be used across multiple decks. 
  • Timers: Pre warn time now also works with up counting timers. 
  • Widgets: The response time for accessing a widget setting has been increased. 
  • System I/O Set: I/O configuration settings are now stored with each model making it possible to have each model have its own individual I/O setup configuration. 
  • Model List: Pressing the center right key (Circle) will load the Model List menu for faster access when loading a model. Please not that this only works when the radio RF is switched off. 
  • Timers: You can now switch off the 10 seconds reminder beeping tone of the timer pre-time is reached. This new setting is available from the timer Pre-Alarm menu dialog. Sensor Switches: 
  • Added sensor switches for GPS and Vario airspeed.

And much more!






camille rothstein

Date 1/14/2023

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