Firmware Release V.2.042 - June 8, 2023

German Release Notes


This release brings many new features, enhancements, and fixes for the Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 HoTT radios. 

Usability is improved when designing widget screens, and widgets have been further enhanced providing additional control when monitoring battery capacity. 

We also expanded the control notices notification options with additional value types which can be useful for finding the optimal gyro settings during flight. For those who are using PowerBox modules we have added new widget types compatible with the latest PowerBox software.

We also updated the Java updater for the mz-16, mz-32 and mc-32ex to include the newer radios and made some small fixes.

As with any update, ensure you back up all your models before performing this update with either the Graupner Firmware Upgrade Studio, mz-16/mz-32 Java Downloader or WiFi.


  • We added a new widget for receiver rate in percentage and voice announcements for rate and dBm. Make sure that when you update the radio, you also select the voice files. This is automatically done if you choose WiFi update.

  • Control Notice: New notice item value types added [0…100], [-10…10], and [0…10]. These can come in handy when you need to know, for example, gyro gain settings during flight.

  • User Notice/Warning: You can now set a remaining capacity alarm. For this to work, you need a capacity widget with a value in the edit field in mAh (see v2.034 release notes). In this version, you can have multiple widget pages with different capacity values, allowing you to switch between different battery capacity values. Note that the notices and alarms only work with the active widget page. Attention! If the wrong widget page is active or no remaining capacity is displayed, the warning may not work. Therefore, you should also use the „max capacity“ warning widget in parallel.

  • Voice Notice: Laptimer: When assigning timer two as type Lap(start: stop), it will function as a lap counter announcing the lap number when triggered. After ten laps, it will announce the total time of all the laps flown. This is of particular use for those that fly F3F and would like to train.

  • Heli Mixer: Add a pitch-to-tail mixer.

  • Widgets: Added new widgets for PowerBox Electric Air protocol: capacity 1, capacity 2, current 1, current 2, Lost frames, Fades 1, Fades 2, and holds. These are only selectable if the PowerPox with the new firmware is detected.

  • Widget: In the widget detail menu, the selected widget color is shown in the center of the dialog. Tapping on the Widget Color button cycles to new widgets have been added the next available color. A long tap will cycle to the previous widget color.  


  • WiFi Update: If an error occurs during a WiFi update, it can be resumed after power cycling the radio. 
  • WiFi Update: WiFi is switched off when the TX RF is switched on or when an active USB connection has been detected.
  • Widgets: We added three additional widget color backgrounds.
  • RX Switching: Switching between receivers for telemetry updates is now dependent on the Servo Output set in the channel mapping for CH16 and can be mapped to any higher channel.
  • Widgets: The amount of response time for accessing a widget setting has been increased.
  • MP3 Player: Selected files are played after tapping the start button and not when selected.
  • Switch Set: Improved digital trim functionality settings for beeps and position stop at for center trim.
  • User Warning: A selected User Voice is also played if the Pre-Warning and the values are inactive.
  • We improved the center beep for DV, DT, and LV controls.


  • Brake Setting: Fixed aileron/flap 3 and 4 not being phase dependent when aileron/flap 1 and 2   phase dependent.
  • Sensor Switches: Corrected linear switch output which did not refresh.
  • Full-Size Widget: Corrected wrong capacity display.