Firmware Release V.2.050


This release brings many new features, enhancements, and fixes for the Graupner mz-16, mz-32, and mc-32ex HoTT radios. 

Usability has been further improved and expanded when designing widget screens with new color schemes, new widgets, and improved usability.

You can now monitor the telemetry of up to four different speed controllers and turbines in real time. 

We added an additional channel to the channel sequencer for a total of 4 sequencers.

The GPS map widget now shows tracking on the map with the ability to clear a track or home position during a flight.

We have also expanded and enhanced the timer menu, which will benefit those pilots who fly in competitions such as F5J or any other needs for different timer sequences and announcements for maximum flexibility.

As with any update, ensure you back up all your models before performing this update with either the Graupner Firmware Upgrade Studio, mz-16/mz-32/mc-32ex Java Downloader or WiFi. 


  • A resource file update is required for this update!
  • The model file structure has changed! When loading a model, please do not make any changes until you reload it by either power cycling the radio or by using the model link widget to re-load the model.
  • Due to the new widget and notices enhancements, you must save and restore the widget and notices preset in the System Set/Model Preset Menu. Perform a save first and then load the widget or notice again.   



The channel sequencer can now control up to four separate channels (up from three).

You can now also change the time values for the backward operation of the channel sequencer.

NOTICE: If you use different timing for forward and backward, you should only switch from forward to backward operation at the endpoints to avoid irregular results.   

Please check if your existing CH Sequencer still functions correctly.


You can now specify if a timer will announce only minutes, seconds, or both.

When selecting a two-second cycle, the minutes/seconds announcements are omitted. Selecting a three-second cycle will omit the second's announcement.

When using a timer type Lap, and a pre-alarm is set to two or three seconds, the timer will not announce the seconds units.

Swipe the timer menu to the left to set the minutes and seconds announcements.
Timers can have additional cycle times (2, 3, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60 seconds). 


You can now add haptic feedback to a control notice depending on a switch or control position. It can be also combined with audible feedback, which adds to the overall immersion during flight.

There are new vibration types available that better suit the use of this type of notice:

  • #8 - One short vibration
  • #9 - Two short vibrations
  • #10 - Three short vibrations

NOTE: To cycle between all the vibration types, you can either tap on the icon to move to #1 (increase) or tap and hold to move to #10 (decrease)

Control Notice Dialog with Vibration Swipe the Control Notice Menu to the left to access the vibration settings column. 


You can control the behavior of the System Notice "No Telemetry Received." 

It can be switched off entirely in the notice detail menu. When enabled, it will provide 1-2 notifications.

In the notice detail menu, you can set the use of haptic feedback, pre-warning, or value.


A new digital switch type has been added of the type button. 

It provides a momentary or lasting action when continuously pressed.



You can now create, save, and load a single widget deck. Those can be loaded across multiple decks and models or shared with fellow pilots.

Single widget decks can be accessed directly from the active deck by tapping the Widget Data icon to perform the following actions:

  • Cancel: returns you to the active deck.
  • Load: displays the file manage where you can load a previously saved deck.
  • Save: brings up the system keyboard where you can name and save the deck.
  • OK: clears widget telemetry data and resets the timers.

If you want to erase the current deck, tap on the checkbox.

NOTE: saving or loading a deck preset is still done in the System Set/Model Preset menu. 


New colors were added for widget backgrounds and font colors. You can omit the widget title bar by tapping on the center rectangle in the editor.

  • Delete: deletes the current widget and removes it from the deck.
  • Edit: allows the change of the widget text title
  • Background: allows the selection of a custom graphics background (see UI Toolkit for instructions)
  • OK: confirms current settings.
  • Tap on Widget Color or Text Color to change the color. A long tap shows the previous color.


The curve widget that first detects a working timer function can save the curve values in a table, allowing you to continue reviewing the data even after switching between widget decks. 

The choice of the color of the widget text now determines the color of the curve. 

 NOTE: It is not possible to save GPS routes and widget curves simultaneously. 


The flight route is now plotted on the screen during the flight. The widget color background determines the route line color. This can be set on the widget detail menu.

If there are multiple maps, the map where the satellites are shown first will be used for route plotting. You cannot have map plotting on multiple widget screens.

Please note the following behavior of the GPS Map Widget:

  • 6x4 Widget: Long tap and touch resets the home position and clears the plot.
  • 2x2 Widget: Short tap resets the home position and clears the plot.
  • 6xw Widget: Short tap clears the plot.


Any touch resets the home position and clears the plot.


You can now monitor and display telemetry data of up to four-speed controllers or four-turbine engines.

You can verify the enablement of each telemetry device in the Telemetry Menu.

When creating a new widget deck, you can select ESC/Turbine 1-4 to build up your deck.

NOTE: At the time of this release, Graupner will provide the proper firmware for its line of LV and HV ESCs to support this new functionality.


A new shortcut to activate or deactivate your Bluetooth headset.

You must activate your Bluetooth port and pair it with a Bluetooth headset for it to work.

This new widget can be found under the system widgets.


The trim view widget allows you to visualize all the trim settings (DT1 - DT8) using different widget sizes.

There are also two 2x2-sized graphical widgets showing trim 1-4 and trim 5-8 on a single widget.

A trim widget can be sized at 1x1, 1x2 and 2x2.


  • System Memory: System performance has been improved, and memory usage reduced, especially when using bitmaps with widgets. 
  • mz-16 / mz-32 Power Off: Keeping the power button pressed during radio shutdown will restart the radio.
  • Widgets: Added additional 1x1 widgets.
  • Logical Switches: Values are now rounded.
  • ELRS Protocol: Support for telemetry Altitude, Vario, GPS distance, and home distance is now supported, including widgets. 


  • Trim Set: Corrected how trim values were calculated when using the trim store function.
  • 1x1 Widgets Headline Color: Corrected downtimer behavior when counting up, blocking the prewarning of other timers.
  • 3-4Aile / 3-4Flap: Fixed behavior causing it not to be phase-dependent unless AIL1+2 was not set as phase depended.
  • Various smaller bugs were squashed and dealt with!