4. Falcon 12 6CH Airplane - Helicopter - Multirotor - Flight Controller HoTT Receiver

Falcon 12 6CH Airplane - Helicopter - Multirotor - Flight Controller HoTT Receiver

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The Graupner Falcon 12 sets a new standard for flight controllers. The Falcon 12 is an airplane stabilizer, flybarless helicopter controller and multirotor controller all in one compact package that includes also real-time telemetry and a long-range receiver.

Setting up the Falcon 12 is easy. By using the wireless connection on your HoTT radio you can access all the features and settings of the Falcon 12 without the need for cables or computers. Controller settings can be adjusted during flight or changed using flight modes. The Falcon 12 can adapt itself to your needs or flying style making it the most versatile flight controller on the market.

The Falcon 12 flight controller can be used in almost any airplane, helicopter or multirotor application accommodating many type of configurations and settings

The Falcon 12 can be expanded with additional telemetry modules (GPS, Altimeter, ESC Telemetry and more)


  • Airplane Mode Three axes airplane multi-mode stabilization OFF/Normal/Heading Lock/Rate/Stabilization & Recovery
  • Helicopter Mode,   Flybarless controller
  • Multirotor Mode All quad type configurations
  • Modes and rates can be changed during flight
  • SUMD output for third party controllers
  • New ultra-fast gyro sensors for fast and crisp response
  • New long range single wire antenna receiver
  • New auto binding mode
  • Small form factor that fits in any small sized air frame
  • Setup made easy using wireless connection with Graupner HoTT radio
  • Supports V-Tail, Dual Elevators, Butterfly, Flaperon mixing
  • Built in five channel mixer
  • Real-time wireless flight data recording
  • Built in telemetry for signal strength, temperatures and receiver voltage
  • Free firmware updates using the Graupner Firmware Update Studio


  • Falcon 12 Flight Controller
  • Manual


The multirotor software needs to be loaded separately on the Falcon 12

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