4. mz-16 / mz-32 Apple Lightning Adapter - USB 3.0 OTG Cable

mz-16 / mz-32 Apple Lightning Adapter - USB 3.0 OTG Cable

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The mz-16 and mz-32 radios have a built-in memory card that can be accessed when you set the radio in USB mass storage mode. [System, USB, Mass Storage]

When in Mass Storage mode the radio can connect directly to a computer from where you can access all the SD card information using your file management programs like windows explorer or Apple finder.

Now, you can also access the radio using an Android or iOS device like a smartphone or tablet device.

This comes in very handy when you are at the field in case you want to access or share a model with another pilot or if you want to back up your files or access flight logs.

The connection is done with a USB cable connected between your mobile device and radio transmitter.

You should also consider having cloud storage such as iCloud or Google Drive storage where you can backup all your files like models, images, log files, and custom voices but you can also have them stored on your mobile device.

This cable has a Apple Lightning USB 3.0 OTG to USB connection which should be connected between the radio and mobile device. Use the supplied Micro USB cable that came with your radio to connect the Apple Lightning Adapter to the radio.


  • Apple Lightning to USB 3.0 OTG Adapter

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