Scale Paragliders from Cefics / Punkair

We are thrilled to unveil an innovative range of scale paragliders from the renowned German company, Cefics / Punkair. For enthusiasts deeply immersed in the world of RC models, the concept of paragliders might seem like an unfamiliar species amidst their vast assortment of jets, airplanes, gliders, and scale models. 

The charm of RC paragliders lies in their remarkable versatility. These unique flying contraptions can take to the skies at almost any location, unfettered by the need for runways or expansive flying spaces. Once the art of takeoff is honed, the subsequent flight experience is nothing short of serenely therapeutic. 

Whether you prefer leisurely flights, low-and-slow explorations, or the excitement of riding thermals, an RC paraglider is your steadfast companion, delivering unparalleled stability throughout your flight. 

Yet, do not let the graceful gliding demeanor deceive you! These RC paragliders can unleash breathtaking aerobatic displays, from graceful loops and rolls to thrilling helios and daring stalls. 

Landing an RC paraglider is effortless, presenting options for feather-soft descents or, with practice, mid-air catches that display an air of finesse. Our assortment of Cefics paragliders stands as the epitome of versatility in the market. Their modular propulsion systems seamlessly adapt to Punkair's extensive range of wing sizes, spanning from 3 to 6 meters.  

To further simplifying your experience, we offer power packs that streamline the selection of electrical components necessary to power the paraglider. If you like to venture to hilltops or coastal slopes, it will add new flying opportunities, as these paragliders can be set free without a dedicated power system. 

Compact and space-efficient, RC paragliders neatly integrate into any workshop and are ideal companions during business trips or vacations. Our smaller variants can even slip into a carry-on, offering the chance to enjoy indoor or outdoor flight. And with our upcoming light kits, the excitement also extends to night flights! 

We invite you to delve into the comprehensive information we have assembled, unveiling this exhilarating new dimension of RC model flight. Whether you're a seasoned pilot or a newcomer to the hobby, consider embracing an RC paraglider into your collection, and open the doors to unparalleled new adventures.

Punkair Sir Edmund 2.5 wing - Pro Ultralight XL Paramotor - Power Pack XL 

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