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RC Parmotor Harness Pro Ultralight S

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Crafted with genuine outdoor materials, the PunkAir Pro Ultralight RC Paraglider Harness offers a robust yet lightweight construction that guarantees long-lasting performance during your paragliding adventures.

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, the PunkAir Pro Ultralight harness features cable feed-throughs both inside and outside, ensuring a clean and organized setup. No more tangled wires or cluttered connections. 

With pre-made openings for speedbar servos, the PunkAir Pro Ultralight harness offers effortless integration of speedbar systems, enabling you to optimize your flying experience with enhanced maneuverability and control. Moreover, its sportive design, highlighted by contrasting seams, adds a touch of dynamic flair, making you and your paraglider stand out on the flying field.

For easy access to your main battery, the PunkAir Pro Ultralight harness zipper is strategically placed to ensure quick and hassle-free battery access. Your pilots comfort and safety is of utmost importance, which is why this harness is equipped with multiple seat belts that securely hold the pilot in place.

The versatility of the PunkAir Pro Ultralight harness extends to its back panel, featuring carefully positioned holes for attaching various power drives such as our Trike S and Propeller Cage S.

With the PunkAir Pro Ultralight harness, you're getting the best in terms of functionality and the most beautiful design. Embrace the perfect blend of performance and aesthetics, and elevate your paragliding experience to new heights.

Don't settle for anything less than exceptional—choose PunkAir Pro Ultralight for yourself and your paraglider!


  • Stunning scale appearance
  • Robust and light construction
  • Holes mounts for speedbar and power drives
  • Full-length zipper
  • Cable feed-throughs in the harness
  • Versatile use for many paragliders available on the market


  • Length: approx. -- cm
  • Width: approx. -- cm
  • Height: approx. -- cm
  • Weight: approx. -- g
  • Scale: 1:7

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