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RC Paramotor Pro Ultralight S Trike Set

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The Pro Ultralight Trike S RC Paraglider system is the ultimate fusion of exhilarating paragliding and the convenience of a trike system. Experience the thrill of takeoff, landing, precision touch, and go's with the PunkAir Pro Ultralight Trike S!

The Pro Ultralight S is the smallest Paramotor system in our Pro Ultralight product line. Like its bigger siblings, you will experience a highly engineered design that provides ample space for a motor, speed controller, and speed bar servos with plenty of room for your 3S LiPo battery. Combined with the included Pilot Peer S and matching harness, you will get a remarkable scale-looking paraglider that looks great and provides the performance needed for aerobatic flight.

The Pro Ultralight S may be a good starting point if you are new to RC Paragliding. With its lightweight design and matching wings like the BEO and Sir Edmund 1.0, you will find it easy to launch and fly with plenty of utility to transition from calm to aerobatic flight.

It also supports our quick-change motor system that allows you to quickly move between different power drives, such as adding a Trike, making it the most versatile paramotor platform on the market.

Whether you are an experienced RC pilot or just starting, the Pro Ultralight S adapts to your skill level and flying style. Its versatile design is compatible with a wide range of RC Paraglider wings, making it suitable for beginners and seasoned pilots.

Our paramotor bundles eliminate the guesswork for matching and configuring your flight system. This ensures a hassle-free experience once your paraglider arrives. To provide additional value, we offer our bundles at a discounted price, allowing you to save some money as well. If you require more information about the components included in the bundle, refer to the "Related Products" list below. Here, you will find the included items and some product recommendations to enhance your RC Paramotor bundle further.

In case you need a wing or power system, or if you don't have a radio system, don't worry. Our website has everything you need for paragliding.

Follow our three-step configuration assistant HERE

Additionally, if you're pressed for time, we offer a convenient service where we can build it for you.

For this paramotor, we have tested and selected the following wings that are a perfect match:

  • Meticulously engineered ultralight design
  • Maximum maneuverability with effortless control
  • Quick-change motor system for versatile power platforms
  • Ready for speed bar servos to further maneuverability
  • Innovative storage features for RC equipment and components
  • It can be easily adapted for video recording or FPV
  • Adaptable to various skill levels and flying styles
  • Compatibility with a wide range of paraglider wings
  • Exceptional performance and responsiveness
  • Lightweight design for optimal comfort during flights
  • Made in Germany
  • Pro Ultralight Harness S
  • Pro Ultralight Propeller Cage S
  • Pro Ultralight Trike S
  • Pro Ultralight Seat S
  • Pilot Peer S
  • Various Hardware
  • 1 x Para Wing
  • 2 x Mini servos
  • 1 x Motor 1200-1400Kv
  • 1 x ESC 35-45A
  • 1 x Propeller 8x5”
  • NOTE: The preferred way to launch small trikes is by hand launching it straight into the wind.
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