6. RC Paramotor Emotion XL

RC Paramotor Emotion XL

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The Emotion XL Paramotor is our largest size paramotor with impressive capabilities. Its detailed pilot and scale propeller cage, which we exclusively licensed from the German company Fresh Breeze, gives it an authentic and captivating appearance.

Taking flight with the Emotion XL, you'll notice the commanding presence of its metal seat construction, perfectly matched with a pilot and matching harness. This combination offers multiple configuration options, catering to various setups. The metal seat and propeller cage also provide ample space for installing speed bar servos, granting you a flexible and adaptable paramotor platform.

Compared to its smaller sibling, the Emotion XL is a real workhorse and can handle anything you throw at it. There is plenty of room to ballast it to accommodate various paraglider wings, supporting different weight options ranging from 2.5 kg and upwards and 4-meter or higher wings, depending on your chosen setup. This means you can fly with our 4 to 5-meter wings or even opt for comparable wings from other brands, making it an open and versatile platform suitable for any pilot.

Its ingenious "Quick Change" adapters set the Emotion XL apart, revolutionizing how you fly. With these optional adapters, switching between different drive systems becomes effortless, instantly transforming the Emotion XL into a paramotor platform tailored to your flying style or adapting to rapidly changing weather conditions on the spot.
Quick Change Modules
Our paramotor bundles eliminate the guesswork for matching and configuring your flight system. This ensures a hassle-free experience once your paraglider arrives. To provide additional value, we offer our bundles at a discounted price, allowing you to save some money as well. If you require more information about the components included in the bundle, refer to the "Related Products" list below. Here, you will find the included items and some product recommendations to enhance your RC Paramotor bundle further.

In case you need a wing and power system, or if you don't have an RC radio, don't worry. Our website has everything you need for paragliding.

Follow our three-step configuration assistant HERE

Additionally, if you're pressed for time, we offer a convenient service where we can build it for you.

For this paramotor, we have tested and selected the following wings that are a perfect match:

For example, a good setup would be Sir Edmund 2.5 if you are a beginner. If you already have some experience, you may consider The Chinook 2.8 for your first Hybrid. Alternatively, you can also consider our smaller paramotors like Emotion L or Pro Ultralight S with wing BEO which also makes a good beginner entry.

  • Scale, licensed cage design providing optimal lines protection
  • Stable flying thanks to perfectly tuned geometry and mass centering
  • Optional Quick-Change motor system with adapter kit
  • Motor hole pattern suitable for many motors
  • Optimum cooling due to external drive components
  • Mounts for speed bar servos in the propeller cage
  • Scale harness optimized for cable routing and ESC placement
  • Easy harness access batteries and ballast
  • Precisely manufactured parts. - No rework necessary
  • Robust scale product for the highest demands
  • Suitable for Peer XL Pilot
  • Made in Germany
  • Harness Emotion XL
  • Propeller Cage ThoriX XL
  • Metal Seat for Harness Emotion XL
  • Pilot Peer XL
  • Paraglider Hang Bar Standard
  • Paraglider Wing
  • Power System
  • 4 – 6 Channel Radio
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