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  6. RC Paramotor Easy Punk S
Easy Punk Kit (Electronics not included)
Easy Punk Kit (Electronics not included)

RC Paramotor Easy Punk S Pilot

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Introducing the Easy-Punk S Flight System: Perfect for Beginner RC Paraglider Pilots!

Designed to cater to our smaller wings, the Easy-Punk S flight system is ideal for beginner RC paraglider pilots. With its reinforced GRP design, this system offers both durability and performance.

The integrated propeller cage of the Easy-Punk S ensures wing line protection, providing a shield for the lines in all flight positions. This feature guarantees a safe and worry-free flying experience.

Flexibility is key, and the Easy-Punk S delivers just that. With the ability to accommodate a wide range of 3S LiPo batteries, up to an impressive 3300mAh capacity, you have the freedom to add extra ballast and enjoy extended flight times.

This flight system is ideally suited for our Skyman Sir Edmund 1.0, Punkair BEO 1.0 and CrossAlps 1.0 RC paraglider wings and any other RC paraglider wing up to approximately 1.5m². It provides the stability and control you need as you embark on your paragliding journey.

Our paramotor bundles eliminate the guesswork for matching and configuring your flight system. This ensures a hassle-free experience once your paraglider arrives. To provide additional value, we offer our bundles at a discounted price, allowing you to save some money as well. If you require more information about the components included in the bundle, refer to the "Related Products" list below. Here, you will find the included items and some product recommendations to enhance your RC Paramotor bundle further.

In case you need a wing or power system, or if you don't have a radio system, don't worry. Our website has everything you need for paragliding.

Follow our three-step configuration assistant HERE

Additionally, if you're pressed for time, we offer a convenient service where we can build it for you.

For this paramotor, we have tested and selected the following wings that are a perfect match:

  • Meticulously engineered ultralight design
  • Maximum maneuverability with effortless control
  • It can be easily adapted for video recording or FPV
  • Adaptable to various skill levels and flying styles
  • Compatibility with a wide range of paraglider wings
  • Exceptional performance and responsiveness
  • Lightweight design for optimal comfort during flights
  • Robust GRP frame
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor
  • Made in Germany
  • Easy-Punk S GRP Frame
  • Propeller cage
  • Assembly hardware
  • 1 x Para Wing
  • 2 x Mini servos
  • 1 x Motor 1200-1400Kv
  • 1 x ESC 35-45A
  • 1 x Propeller 8x4”
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