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RC Paraglider Skyman Psychohammer 2.8 Double Skin

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The SKYMAN Psychohammer is a revolutionary RC paraglider that redefines the boundaries of insanity! Engineered without compromise, this masterpiece delivers unmatched flight performance, making it the most sophisticated RC Paraglider wing on the market.

Prepare to be astounded by the Psychohammer's exceptional construction, combining cutting-edge design, premium materials, and impeccable manufacturing quality. This wing represents the epitome of complexity in RC paraglider technology, setting new standards in every aspect.

With an extreme aspect ratio of 9, 63 double skin cells, and 2-liner technology, the Psychohammer shatters all expectations. Its technical specifications speak volumes, solidifying its position as a game-changer in the industry.

While the Psychohammer demands skilled pilots, its honest nature provides clear and precise feedback, allowing well-trained aviators to push their limits. Even in calm conditions, casual pilots will find immense joy in its unique aesthetics, unbeatable performance, and the indescribable sensation of flying the Psychohammer.

The Psychohammer 2.8 is an authentic SKYMAN wing crafted by the manufacturer's production facility using the exclusive D10 fabric. This ensures unrivaled quality and durability, guaranteeing that every flight is a testament to excellence.

Chinook 2.8 - Insanity has a new name!

  • Very resistant to collapses
  • Outstanding speed bar performance
  • Ultimate performance and stability
  • Very strong in thermals
  • Strong wind resistance
  • Unique scale optics
  • Low take-off weight
  • Skyman D10 fabrics and lines
  • Wingspan: 5m
  • Surface Area: 2.8m¬≤
  • Aspect ratio: 9.1
  • Cells: 63
  • Wight range: 2.5-4.0kg
  • Fabric: Skyman D10
  • Lines: Aramid
  • Wing Psychohammer 2.8
  • Wing bag
  • Risers
  • Made in Germany
  • Large/Extra Large Flight System
  • Power System
  • 6CH Radio System
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