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RC Paraglider Loop V2

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The Loop V2 is our compact and versatile paraglider wing designed for indoor flying or outdoor use on windless days. Whether you're a beginner or a young pilot in the world of RC paragliding, this little wonder is guaranteed to put a smile on your face with every flight. We've devoted significant efforts to make flying as effortless as possible, ensuring a seamless experience for all users.

In crafting the Loop V2, we've utilized advanced materials commonly found in man-carrying gliders, eliminating the need for stiff elements in the wing's construction. This innovation not only enhances its performance but also makes it incredibly portable. You can take the Loop V2 wherever you go, effortlessly flying it in tight spaces like gyms, ballrooms, or even your backyard. Its compact size allows it to comfortably fit into a small backpack, making it the ultimate travel companion for enthusiasts on the go.

The brainchild of the Loop V2 is no other than Joachim Schweigler, a multiple German champion in RC paragliding.

The Loop V2 was conceived to be an affordable and easy-to-control RC Paraglider model. It has far exceeded our expectations, proving to be an exceptional paraglider that appeals to pilots of all levels.

The Loop V2 is simply a MUST HAVE!

  • Super easy to launch
  • Good-natured allrounder
  • Beginner friendly
  • In and Outdoors (without any winds)
  • Wing Span: 1.2 m
  • Wing Area: 0.33m²
  • Cells: 13
  • Weight range: 0.20 – 0.35Kg
  • Fabric: Skyman 10
  • Lines: Aramid
  • Wing Loop V2
  • Wing Bag
  • Risers
  • Made in Germany
  • Small Flight System
  • Power Pack
  • 4-6 Channel Radio System
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