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  6. Quick Change Adapter for Prop Cage Emotion L

Quick Change Adapter for Prop Cage Emotion L

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With this quick-change adapter, it is now possible to mount or unmount the Fresh Breeze ThoriX L metal scale propeller cage in seconds on the Emotion L flight system.

You will also need the "Quick Change" Adapter for Metal Seat Emotion L to connect universally with all compatible Hyperlight propeller cages, such as the Silent 360.

With this adapter, you can use the ThoriX L metal propeller cage with the Pro Ultralight L and XL flight systems.


The modular design of our paramotor platforms allows for effortless switching between various power drive systems, catering to your specific needs and prevailing weather conditions. Thanks to our innovative "Quick Change" adapter modules, you can easily transition from a metal propeller cage to a folding propeller system or any of our advanced "Hyperlight" backpack motor systems. This means you have the freedom to pair our harnesses with different wings and power systems, all within a matter of minutes.

Whether you're seeking enhanced performance or looking to adapt to changing flight conditions, our PRO Ultralight and Emotion paramotor platforms provide the ultimate solution. Experience the convenience and versatility of our innovative design and take your paragliding adventures to new heights (see video above).

An overview of all possible combinations can be found in the product instructions from the manual tab.


  • Fiberglass construction
  • Quick Change motor system compatible
  • Made in Germany

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