6. Pilot Peer XL 1:3.5

Pilot Peer XL 1:3.5

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Introducing the Pilot Peer XL from PunkAir - the perfect blend of style and performance for RC Paragliding. This great-looking pilot excels in aesthetics and functionality, offering an unparalleled flying experience.

When it comes to RC paragliding, a flawless flight system is crucial for optimum performance. Pilot Peer XL meets this requirement and offers a wide range of functions that flawlessly respond to every control command, ensuring a smooth and safe flight every time.

Meticulous attention to detail and maximum functionality defines the Punkair Pilot Peer XL, making it a standout choice in the 1:3.5 scale category. Its technical versatility and visually appealing design set it apart from the competition.

Pilot Peer XL is virtually indestructible, crafted from a unique and robust polymer specifically for RC applications. It guarantees exceptional durability and resilience, capable of withstanding the demanding RC Paragliding conditions without compromise.

Installing RC components is a breeze with the Pilot Peer XL. The body provides easy access, allowing for effortless integration of the receiver, servos, GPS module, Vario, and receiver battery.

Pilot Peer XL is compatible with our PRO Ultralight XL and Emotion XL harnesses, but it can also be used with other flight systems, providing versatility and convenience.

Not only does Pilot Peer XL deliver unmatched performance, but it also adds a touch of elegance to your paraglider. Elevate your flying experience to new heights with the finest and visually captivating product from PunkAir.


  • Scale product for the highest demands
  • Ultra-light, tough-elastic special polymer
  • An interchangeable head system, many tuning parts available
  • Quick access to RC components
  • Optimized for harness Emotion XL and PRO Ultralight
  • Scale: 1:3.5
  • Weight 450g
  • Suitable for flight systems of other manufacturers
  • Made in Germany

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