6. Metal Seat for Harness Emotion XL

Metal Seat for Harness Emotion XL

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Our RC Paraglider metal seat for flight system Emotion is designed to unlock the full potential of your paraglider's performance. Our metal seat for the Emotion harness is a prime example of quality, durability, and lightweight construction.

The seat is meticulously balanced to optimize your paraglider's capabilities. The design incorporates a lightweight and robust structure, ensuring versatility and longevity. The solid metal seat features mounts for speedbar servos and has ample space for large LiPo battery packs.

When utilizing our ThoriX propeller cage, the speedbar servos can be moved to the propeller cage leaving even more room for the main battery packs.

We've taken extra measures to ensure easy installation by providing hole patterns for various motors or propeller cages, including those from other vendors. Some of the motor patterns even come with welded-in threads, simplifying the mounting process further.


The modular design of our paramotor platforms allows for effortless switching between various power drive systems, catering to your specific needs and prevailing weather conditions. Thanks to our innovative "Quick Change" adapter modules, you can easily transition from a metal propeller cage to a folding propeller system or any of our advanced "Hyperlight" backpack motor systems. This means you have the freedom to pair our harnesses with different wings and power systems, all within a matter of minutes.

Whether you're seeking enhanced performance or looking to adapt to changing flight conditions, our PRO Ultralight and Emotion paramotor platforms provide the ultimate solution. Experience the convenience and versatility of our innovative design and take your paragliding adventures to new heights (see video above).

The Punkair metal seat for the Emotion harness sets new industry standards in terms of craftsmanship, appearance, and functionality—experience quality and performance with our meticulously engineered RC paraglider flight system.


  • High level of engineering
  • Quick Change ready
  • Weight-optimized, therefore light and robust
  • Welded-in nuts for stress-free assembly
  • Hole pattern suitable for many motors or propeller rings from other systems
  • Plenty of space for battery and technology
  • Robust scale product for the highest demands
  • Suitable for our harness Emotion XL
  • Dimensions 17x8.5x23cm
  • Weight approx. 560g
  • Scale 1:3.5
  • Made in Germany


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