All Graupner systems can seamlessly operate with older analog servos and the newer digital high voltage servos.

By default, Graupner receivers are set to work with analog servos with an output period of 20ms which can be used with both analog and digital servos. If all your servos are digital servos you can set the output period to 10ms which will enhance the response times of your digital servos.

There are two settings that can be made in the receiver that can affect servo operation, the output period 10ms or 20ms (default) and output type SAME or ONCE (default).

Please note that operating analog servos with the wrong output period may result in servos making grinding noises, cause excessive heating and potentially damage the servos.

Changing the output period and type can be done on the receiver, over the telemetry channel using the settings and data view menu on any Graupner HoTT radio system.



After accessing the receiver menu from the settings and data view menu navigate to the second screen to the bottom and look for the PERIOD field. In a mixed analog and digital setup, it is recommended to leave it at 20ms. For digital servos change it to 10ms.

Use the arrow keys to navigate to the last menu of the receiver and look for the CH OUT TYPE field.


The servo connections of the receiver are controlled one after the other. Recommended for analog servo

With this setting, the servos are automatically operated in a cycle of 20ms regardless of what is set or displayed on the PERIOD field.


The servo connections of the receiver are controlled in parallel in blocks of four. This results that channels 1 to 4, 5 to 8 and 9 to 12 receive the control signals at the same time.

This is recommended for digital servos where multiple servos are used for a single function such as ailerons so that the servos run synchronously.

GR-12L/GR-18/GR-24PRO/Falcon II

On these receiver models, you will find the output period setting on the first screen at the bottom of the receiver.

You can only change the output period.

Period output setting

Period output setting

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