Unisens-E and GPS Logger in Stock!

For many years sm-modellbau based in Germany, has been developing state of the art telemetry modules and sensors for the RC market.

We are proud to announce two new products from their product line-up.

UniSens-E, which is a powerful telemetry module that measures and monitors your motor performance in real-time providing information of your voltages, current draw, used battery capacity, power, motor RPM and altitude. It works with practically any type of existing motor and ESC setup and does not require any special installation or soldering.

The GPS Logger 3 from sm-modellbau, provides real-time telemetry information of your current GPS location with details such as altitude, speed, flight heading, distance, return to home headings and more in a very compact package which will fit in any location. The GPS Logger 3 has a built in SD card where detailed telemetry data is being recorded and stored which can be further analyzed and viewed in Google or DataExplorer. The integrated TEK pressure nozzle provides further possibilities for air mass detection of climb or sink during flight.

These great telemetry products work with Graupner HoTT, Jeti, Futaba, Spektrum, FrSky, JR, CORE and Multiplex radios.

GPS Logger and Unisens-E Connection Diagram


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