MIcroVario, accurate thermals detection and air speed in a dime sized sensor!

As our first new product lineup for 2021 we are announcing the MicroVario from the German company sm-modellbau known for its impressive range of telemetry modules.

This is also our first product that is compatible not only with Graupner radio systems but also with other brands such as Spektrum, Futaba, Jeti, FrSky, Core, JR and Multiplex. The comprehensive English product manual describes how to setup each radio system in detail.

The MicroVario provides a high-resolution pressure sensor as well as 3-axes accelerometers to accurately measure sink/climb and altitude. It also includes a TEK sensor (Total Energy Kompensation) which combined with the accelerometers and optional TEK nozzles will eliminate any false readings of lift detection caused by pilots elevator stick movements.

Sailplane pilots will benefit from this as they now will receive accurate information when flying through rising air masses properly identifying them as thermals, even if the flight path was corrected with the elevator.

When using the TEK nozzle, accurate air speed is provided which benefits those that fly models that need accurate speed information during landing or complex maneuvers to potentially avoid stalls.

Given its very small size and light weight (1.8g) it can fit inside almost any type of fuselage.

We will be listing more products from sm-modellbau in the following days.

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