Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 Firmware v2.024 Released

This is our first 2022 software release for the Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 radios brings many new innovations and enhancements to the Graupner radio. 

This release takes personalization and customization of the radio system several steps ahead in our industry. 

With the new UI (user interface) and voice toolkit, the radio can be customized with its own look and feel while also allowing the user to quickly create and generate voice notifications with little to no complexities.


  • User customizable screen widgets 
  • Improved GPS Map Widget 
  • New Voice Toolkit 
  • Improved Direct Adjust functionality 
  • New Wing Tail mixers 
  • Customizable Display Set options 
  • Support for Turbine telemetry data 
  • Support for YGE HV/LV ESC telemetry data 
  • Addition of new sensor switch data types 
  • WiFi updates now include essential resource files 
  • Graphic telemetry data curves widgets 
  • New trim widgets and enhanced servo monitor menu


Christopher lencucha

Date 5/19/2022

Control Hobbies

Date 5/20/2022

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