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Thank you for visiting our blog and new website.

We are glad to announce that Control Hobbies is now the new distributor for Graupner products in the Americas!

We are formerly Graupner employees who have been working with Graupner products for many years and been involved with the development, support, sales and marketing of Graupner products worldwide.

Sharing our wealth of experience, we look forward to serving you in the future with new products that make our hobby more exciting and more fun.

Due to the restructuring of Graupner and the closure of the European and USA offices there was a temporary shortage of Graupner products which has now been resolved.

Graupner also moved its manufacturing facilities from China to Korea where all Graupner products are now being designed, engineered and manufactured. 

The Graupner extensive product line has been revised and is now focused primarily on what they know to do best, which is radios, receivers, speed controllers, servo’s, telemetry modules and chargers. 

Development of new products are on the way and testing of new software for the mz-16 and mz-32 radios is progressing steadily with a select group of pilots.

Control Hobbies will showcase additional products from different brands besides Graupner products. Stay tuned!

As we are ramping up and getting Graupner products to our warehouse we are also reviewing new products from other vendors and making also plans to develop a few of our own products to further enhance your RC experience.

Service and support will be coming back online soon. Initially support will be over email and where needed we will respond by phone with a turnaround of 1-2 business days. 

We are also accepting product repairs as we are now officially the Graupner service center for this region.

There are still challenging times ahead of us, but we are optimistic and look forward to continuing working with our loyal group Graupner customers.

Your sincerely,

Mannie Garmy 


Wilson Roque

Date 9/27/2020

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Ken Woodward

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Date 9/28/2020

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Date 10/1/2020

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Date 10/26/2020

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Date 11/5/2020

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