Firmware 1.043 Update for Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 Radio Systems

This is the second firmware update from Graupner in two months. The previous release addressed primarily error fixing and improving functionality. This release adds new features that make your Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 radio even more capable than they already were.

Focus on this release was adding more customization features such as model and startup images, enhanced system notices, improved system sounds control and support for new sensors and Bluetooth modules from iMSB.

With this release you will also find updated English and German manuals, new help files and a radio product desktop  simulator for those who are considering Graupner radio systems (download below).

When updating make sure that you also update the resource files for your specific language.

A big thanks to all our testers for their hard work and valuable comments and input. 

We are happy to conclude this year with this latest software release and we look forward to a new 2021 with many new things coming from Graupner.

Happy Holidays!

Mannie Garmy

Control Hobbies

mz-32 Simulator

mz-16 Simulator

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