AIRRC provides support for Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 Model Image Widgets

We have been working with the AIRRC team to get the Graupner mz-16 and mz-32 image format supported by their website where you can select from thousands of readymade images for your radio.

Graupners’s new model image widget adds yet another enhancement to your radio enabling you to further customize and personalize your radio.

“AIR-RC is the largest online database about RC Model Flying and it's growing...
Each model has descriptions, specifications, photos, video, icons for your radio and links to shops and manufacturers. We are not selling anything, it's made by RC hobbyists for RC hobbyists.”

They are very helpful with getting images created for you if you provide the proper information.
Keep them motivated and reward them with a small donation for their community efforts.

Head to their website at to get started.

Control Hobbies wishes you and your families a prosperous and healthy 2021!


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