4. Graupner GR-24 PRO 12CH Airplane/Helicopter/Multirotor HoTT Controller - Altimeter/Vario

Graupner GR-24 PRO 12CH Airplane/Helicopter/Multirotor HoTT Controller - Altimeter/Vario

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Power and simplicity are the hallmarks of the Graupner GR-24 PRO.  Engineered with an integrated flight controller for multicopters, FBL helicopters and an airplane 3-axis stabilization gyro, this is the most advanced 2.4 GHz receiver ever made by Graupner. The GR-24 PRO is a long-range receiver using the Graupner HoTT protocol to provide real-time telemetry data of altitude, signal strength receiver voltage and temperature all to assist you during flight to enhance situational awareness and safety.

Set up a multicopter, airplane or helicopter models, telemetry thresholds or flight controller settings easily and wirelessly using any Graupner HoTT radio transmitter: no computers or programming boxes necessary! Need to make a change to the PID or adjust the gyro? Simply land and make on-the-spot changes at the field or even in the air during flight! The GR-24 PRO can be expanded with additional telemetry modules (GPS, OSD, ESC Telemetry, etc.) for continual improvement of your system s reliability and performance.


  • Airplane Mode: 3-axis gyro stabilization with wireless gain/deflection control
  • Helicopter Mode: Flybarless controller with wireless PID and gain control
  • Multicopter Mode: Quad X, Quad +, Hexa V, Hexa I, Tri L, Tri R, OCTO, Acro 3D
  • Multicopter Control: Attitude/Rate Mode, Auto Flip Mode
  • Ultra-fast gyros and accelerometer sensors for fast and crisp response
  • Wireless setup of all controller features and functions
  • Real-time wireless flight data recording
  • Built-in telemetry for altitude, signal strength, temperatures and receiver voltage
  • Free firmware updating using Graupner Firmware Update Studio


  • GR-24 PRO 3XG+3A+3M VARIO Receiver
  • Instructions

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